Doctors are a piece of shit

The only reason why I am creating this blog is because I am so furious right now and in need of a place to vent. So let me start of with why I think doctors are a piece of shit. I visited a private doctor at my neighbourhood because I have red bumps all over my body especially on my face. When I went into the doctor’s room, she did not even welcome me with a happy expression. She kept looking down at her notes and did not even have much eye contact with me. When I told her my symptoms she asked to look at my body but she did not even look at it properly. She did not even ask nicely and seems like she is forcing me to show my body to her. She immediately diagnose it as chicken pox without doing any further investigation. She said she would give me some medications and a medical certificate of leave from school. The whole thing took like 3 minutes tops. When I went out from the room I was mad because she did not do a proper investigation. Like how the fuck did she know it was chicken pox without examining my body properly and without asking me questions that would rule out other things. She did not even do a complete history on me let alone a simply history. Because I came to her clinic half an hour when it was about to close, she just wants to get rid of her patients and go back home happily. But the real shocker was when I get to know how much the medication cost. The drug for the chicken pox cost over $200! And this does not include the other medication and consultation. I was furious when I heard that. 3 minutes of seeing the doctor and I had to pay about $250 and it’s not even a specialist. So now I know why she diagnose it as chicken pox so she can charge me a whole lot more for the medications. But the receptionist said that I could pay for 1/3 of the pills so in total I paid for $85. Even though it’s cheaper than $250 I was still very unhappy and I would never go to that clinic again. The service there was very horrible and I would rate it as low as it can get. But not all doctors are bad. I just happened to live around those who are incompetent at their job and shows no empathy at all to their patients. And this is not the first bad experience visiting a private doctor. So folks, go to a polyclinic because most of the doctors there are so much better than the private doctors that I have been at even though they are cheaper. And this is coming from someone who knows a thing or two as I have experiences in the medical field.


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